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From: Jean Long (
Sat Jan 12 12:18:20 2002

I think there are good and bad pain management specialists. There is a very good one where I live and he does many different things to help pain sufferers. He even told me "He isn't afraid to give the proper pain meds to control pain", does accupuncture, epidurals, patches, pain pumps etc. etc.

If anyone is from PA and interested in information about him email me personally (wouldn't want our friendly lawyer seeing his name on here and trying to boycott available help)!


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Dear Katrina I didn't have a possitive experience with pain management. They were very nice & helpful. They tried a few different meds that didnt work for me. I was using vicodin, but it wasn't controling all of my pain. Then, the pain management department closed because the anathesiologist was moving & taking a job else where. They refered me back to my dr, who was a general practitioner that did not believe that adhesions caused pain. He actually told me that I went from dr to dr looking for pain meds & when they cut me off, I went to another dr. He also told me that I was addicted & needed to go to detox! That was the last day I saw that dr after going to the same clinic for over 15 yrs. My new dr that I have had since March 2000, is wonderful. She is a Nurse Practioner. She is wonderful. She has supported me in everything I have done. The first day I went to her, about a week after the last "dr". She increased my pain meds! She told me I was not taking enough to control my pain. She has tried several different pain meds to help control my pain, and has worked with me until we found the right combination. I am not saying that pain management wont help you. But, if you dont get help, there are other places to go & people to see. My pharmasist has helped me so much. I have gone to him for 20 years or more. I have only had 2 prescriptions filled other places. At one point he incouraged me to seek more pain meds. At the pain management center, they were talking about putting in a morphin pump. The pharasist told me that the drs could do it here. He said, why wait, if your in pain, they should do something now. He has been so much help. I didnt mean to go on so much. I just want you to know that there are people to support you. I really hope that the pain clinic will help keep you pain free. Best of luck, robin

At Sat, 12 Jan 2002, Katrina wrote: >
>Hello Everyone,
>I am recovering from my December surgery (lucky #13) and since the Drs
>have decided no more surgery they are sending me to a pain management
>specialist. I have never been to one and was wondering if anyone has
>any information on what to expect and what to look for.
>Thanks! Katrina

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