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From: Katrina (
Sat Jan 12 12:12:06 2002


Thank you for the warm welcome! I am in Dallas which is where Dr. Wiseman is so I have contacted him via email about starting a group locally. I have been with my OBGYN for 14 years and he does agree that my pain is due to the adhesions and has always tried to do his best to help. Because my surgeries are so complex he has consulted with to other doctors - an oncologist and vascular surgeon. They have also been very helpful but do not want me to have any additional surgeries and one of them referred me to the pain management specialist which is my next step. I am open to anything at this point and am very interested in helping in any way to further the cause! When I found the IAS I was very comforted because it is a wealth of information and is very helpful to know that there is some place that I can go to and vent, rant, share or whatever! It has also been very helpful to my family who really did not understand what was going on with me. They knew I was in pain and didn't question that they just couldn't understand what was causing it and why it kept recurring! Anyway thanks again and hats off to everyone involved!

At Fri, 11 Jan 2002, wrote: >
>And welcome to the ARD Board! I'm so happy that you have found us and I pray
>that you are doing well as you are reading this email.
>I'm so sorry to see that you have gone through so many surgeries with no
>relief. I'm wondering, have you looked into other doctors for your condition
>other than your local doctors? Dr. Wiseman, the awesome founder of this
>wonderful site has a list of great doctors he can share with you and maybe
>one of those doctors will be in your area! YEAHHHH, hopefully so......
>You've found wonderful, caring, educated, people here on this site.....I'm so
>glad that you are here.
>Hugs and Love,
>~Chrissie xo's
>(Christine Damon on the adhesions quilt)


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