From: Jean Long (
Sat Jan 12 12:07:07 2002

Heck, the lawyers in MY area only fight for the doctors!!!! I never did get my $1000 over-payment back from that doctor 2 years ago!! I even obtained a lawyer who was apparently in good with the doctor and did "nothing" for me although he said the doctor did owe me the money yet he just kept giving me the run-around!!

The doctor was paid twice.....once by me and again by the insurance company and the doctor was a participating doctor with my insurance therefore has to accept what the insurance paid him!! What a joke!!!! When I get letters in with my insurance about reporting "fraud" it really irritates me because it only means if the insurance company is owed money not you!! They refused to help me since "they" got paid and it was now "my" responsibility to get my money back. they could have prevented this from happening by sending me their check instead of the doctor after me telling them I had already paid the doctor but refused to do it that way!!!!!!!

I should have known when he said "oh, I know that doctor" and called him by first name!! After all the lawyer can make much more money off of the doctor's fighting lawsuits than us peons now can't they?? The rich get rich and the poor get poorer!


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I'm not sure if this attorney is the one that we want in filing a class action suit. Anyone know a famous (very good attorney) that specializes in medical mal-practice suits?



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