Thank goodness

From: Jayne (
Sat Jan 12 11:54:02 2002

Thank goodness I am fortunate enough to have a GP as a personal friend. It's Saturday here and when I tried to call in my presciption refills I discovered that my pain meds. had run out of repeats so I had to call my GP at home to ask him to call in a script for me. Aaagghhh.

The Codetron seems to be ok. I haven't felt too much pain relief but then I read sometimes the pain gets worse before it gets better. I have an appointment Monday morning with the local Physiotherapy department where I'm going to be taught how to use it to receive maximum benefit so that should help.

My problem is I have that back pain, tailbone pain, elbow and knee pain so if the treatments is 30 minutes a session I'm going to be spending two hours a day on this machine. But if it helps then I'll do it.

For the next week or so I will be busy with other projects so if you don't hear from me that's why.

Take care


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