Re: Pain Management Question

From: Katrina (
Sat Jan 12 09:52:56 2002


Thank you for your response. I am a bit nervous about going because as you said there are so many Drs. that do not believe that adhesions cause pain. I currently have two different Drs and one says that they must cause pain the other says "there is no medical proof" so is not convinced. He is a great doctor and I admire his honesty and is open to what I say but is very "book" smart and if the books don't say it is so it must not be. On my last surgery (12/18) they did as little as possible just to relieve some of the pain because they are concerned about cutting the small intestine. I told them that I will try anything once because all I want is one thing - to take control of my life rather than having my life controlled. My appt. is the 24th and I will keep you posted on what they "prescribe"

At Sat, 12 Jan 2002, Robin wrote: >
>Dear Katrina
>I didn't have a possitive experience with pain management. They were
>very nice & helpful. They tried a few different meds that didnt work
>for me. I was using vicodin, but it wasn't controling all of my pain.
>Then, the pain management department closed because the anathesiologist
>was moving & taking a job else where. They refered me back to my dr,
>who was a general practitioner that did not believe that adhesions
>caused pain. He actually told me that I went from dr to dr looking for
>pain meds & when they cut me off, I went to another dr. He also told me
>that I was addicted & needed to go to detox! That was the last day I saw
>that dr after going to the same clinic for over 15 yrs. My new dr that
>I have had since March 2000, is wonderful. She is a Nurse Practioner.
>She is wonderful. She has supported me in everything I have done. The
>first day I went to her, about a week after the last "dr". She
>increased my pain meds! She told me I was not taking enough to control
>my pain. She has tried several different pain meds to help control my
>pain, and has worked with me until we found the right combination. I am
>not saying that pain management wont help you. But, if you dont get
>help, there are other places to go & people to see. My pharmasist has
>helped me so much. I have gone to him for 20 years or more. I have
>only had 2 prescriptions filled other places. At one point he
>incouraged me to seek more pain meds. At the pain management center,
>they were talking about putting in a morphin pump. The pharasist told
>me that the drs could do it here. He said, why wait, if your in pain,
>they should do something now. He has been so much help. I didnt mean
>to go on so much. I just want you to know that there are people to
>support you. I really hope that the pain clinic will help keep you pain
>free. Best of luck, robin
>At Sat, 12 Jan 2002, Katrina wrote:
>>Hello Everyone,
>>I am recovering from my December surgery (lucky #13) and since the Drs
>>have decided no more surgery they are sending me to a pain management
>>specialist. I have never been to one and was wondering if anyone has
>>any information on what to expect and what to look for.
>>Thanks! Katrina


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