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From: Jean Long (creative@enter.net)
Sat Jan 12 10:42:22 2002

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Hey Jean,

This is super interesting to me, your response was right on..

But!!! I do have an idea...why not ask the folks on the IAS to inundate this law firm to take up a " class action" suit against the US government for not disclosing ARD to us and for not protecting it's citizens from what they KNEW existed in each and every operating room in this country..and they knew it since 1934!! I can substantiate that too!

Just cc this everyone you can think of..I WILL supply anyone who requests from me the information I have on the " Government Cover-up of ARD!!"

" Government Cover-up of ARD!!" I know it takes a drop of work to do this, for everyone, but if we do not come together at sometime, NOTHING will change for those who suffer ARD now, or any family members and friends who might face this in their futures and of course the ARD friends who we simply have no met as of yet but are paddling up shit creek right now until they find the IAS , IF they ever find it!! If an ARD sufferer doesn't want to do it for themselves..then do it for the ones we have lost to ARD and I will be more then happy to give anyone THAT list as well!

Sure your suffering, your depressed at times, you struggle and fight your way through each and every medical intervention you seek...but as long as your suffering anyway, why not try to make changes that just might remove some of the hell your facing NOW???

I ask this of every ARD sufferer who reads this email ... YOU now know that something CAN be done, that something SHOULD be done and WHO can help accomplish it! Changes will not happen overnight, but the CAN happen in the future, but not if one or two or three people are trying to do it! If we are really a " family" why are we not coming together to fight this cause ? If YOU can email the IAS message board, you CAN write this law firm and ask for a class action ...YES YOU CAN! For God's sake, I will BEG you all to do it, and I am not begging for me, I am begging so that ALL who suffer ARD might be helped!

Now I ask YOU to ask YOURSELF this question... ( Go to your mirror if you can be honest enough to look YOURSELF in the eye when you ask this that is!!) In the future, if your daughter, sister, mother, father, brother, son or grandchild presented with adhesions, and faced what your facing today and asked why you didn't try to change things when the opportunities were there, what would you say to them as you watched them suffer like you are?

You can say I am being unfair here, to tough, inflicting, well, we are all suffering, one not more then the other, suffering has no competition, suffering is suffering and strips away life no matter the degree folks! But the truth is that unless someone else steps out to help in this crusade against the sufferings of ARD..those who still can might as well bend over and kiss it good bye as we will not see ANY changes for a very, very long time..and like it or not, that will be because some chose not to do a dang thin about it but deal only with themselves & for themselves! Look at what your doing to make changes for ALL who suffer ARD, and I do not mean sharing what you have done for yourself, that is okay, but it does NOT create over all changes that very well would help impact things on a grand scale and for all!

If some do not like hearing these words, so be it, I do not appologize for fighting for someones life, and remember, that life I fight for is also the person who is reading this!

I quote former President Harry Truman: " I didn't give 'em hell! I just told the truth and it FELT like hell!"


President John F. Kennedy said it best: And I quote,

We face a moral crisis as a country and as a people, those who do nothing are inviting shame and suffering, those who act boldly are recognizing right as well as reality!

On behalf of all persons who suffer Adhesion Related Disease, I am asking that you hold all those within the medical society to do what is right and moral because it is JUST and Lord knows it is time!

Is it ever to late to do the right thing? For the sake of justice, and for the hope of all those who suffer ARD I sincerely pray it is not!

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From: "Jean Long" <creative@enter.net> To: <adhesions@adhesions.org> Cc: "Helen Chalmers - Adhesions" <Hchalm@aol.com>; "Chrissy - Adhesions" <Chrissy492@aol.com>; "Beverly J. Doucette - Adhesions" <BNB@new.rr.com> Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002 7:18 PM Subject: Re: Munley Law Firm- Having an Oxycontin problem

> Quite the contrary Sir!!!! Thanks but no thanks!
> This is a very old post you have pulled up and her pain is bad and was
again > soon after surgery.
> She (like most on the board with Adhesions) does need pain meds, not sure
if > she is on Oxycontin again or not, but if not I know she would like to be!
> The people on this board are trying to get help with their pain, not
> diminish it!!!!!
> Oxycontin is one of the very FEW pain pills that actually helps with the
> pain when nothing else does!
> It is totally unfair that some "druggies" mis-use it and don't have pain,
> therefore trying to ruin it for people who do have pain and GENUINELY NEED
> IT!
> No, I am not on Oxycontin simply because I can't tolerate meds especially
> pain meds and throw them up!
> I do wish I could though and will defend anyone who needs them for bad
> pain!!
> I did take it last year for 3 months after several very major surgeries
and > I did not have any problem going off of them or while on them.....they
> actually worked! Without them I would have been bed-fast.
> Thank-you Sir for your concern, but I really don't think we need you to
> cripple us any more than we already are!! People with bad pains need some
> relief in order to live with a little bit of dignity and normalcy in their
> lives, especially when there is no cure or anything else to do to help
them! >
> It is quite funny though because I myself have contacted lawyers in the
past > for "legitimate" problems and they never did help me always helped the
ones > in the wrong instead!
> "SMILE............It confuses people!"

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