Having a oxycontin problem

From: Hchalm@aol.com
Fri Jan 11 21:56:02 2002

Dear Sir:

That post was over a year old, and the young lady that wrote it was having a problem because her operation didn't work and she was still in pain (she was not having withdrawals but was still in pain). You have come to the wrong place and you need to leave immediately. We here need to fight for the right to pain medication not have someone like yourself, try to take away one of the best pain medications that has come on the market for long term chronic pain patients. Chrissie had to fight for months to get back on this medication because it was the only pain medication that helped her pain and allowed her to live in a somewhat tolerable level of pain, and she would be living more pain-free if she were allowed more oxycontin but people like you have made the doctors afraid to prescribe it, so she is not allowed enough to keep her comfortable. Go find some druggies that have abused the drug so that you can sue Purdue and bring so much harm to those of us that really need it.

Helen Chalmers

If you or a loved one have been harmed by the use of the perscription drug OxyContin, please call the Law Firm of Thomas J. Munley, P.C at 1-866-OXY-ABUSE for a confidential case evaluation. Thomas J. Munley & Associates is located at 527 Linden Street, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18503.

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