Re: Having an Oxycontin problem

From: dtouch (
Fri Jan 11 18:48:09 2002

Perhaps someone will get mad when I write this, but just because one person out or millions have a problem with Oxycontin, this is one of the reasons for so much controversy about this drug. What really bothers me is that there is an attorneys name listed at the bottom of the email. This person needs to be gradually taken from them, not listing some as-----attorney at the bottom. So many people get relief from this drug and things like this just make it harder for the chronic pain people to get some treatment. Just had to vent as our right to recieve enough medication for pain relief without things like this. Dolores in Louisiana

anonymous wrote:

> At Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Chrissy wrote:
> >
> >Hi my friends,
> >I'm having a problem coming off of the oxycontin pills. I started
> >taking them over a year ago. First it was at 80 mgs. for almost the
> >whole year - then down to 40mgs. Now that I have had my surgery with
> >Dr. Reich and Dr. Redan of course I don't need the pills for the pain
> >because my pain is not that bad. But OUCH am I having a hard time not
> >taking them. I have only a few left and I am actually panicing that I
> >don't have another prescription. I don't know if I am afraid not to
> >take them because I remember the awful pain I had before I was on them,
> >or my body is craving them.....I don't know which is worse. I fight NOT
> >to take the pill cause I know I won't get anymore. My God if I knew it
> >would be this hard before I started taking them I don't know if I would
> >chose to take them. But at the time I started taking them I wanted
> >something, anything just to get rid of some of the pain. What am I to
> >do? I feel awful......I know this is not as bad as pain, but wow what a
> >trick it's playing on my mind.
> >with hugs and love,
> >Chrissie xo
> If you or a loved one have been harmed by the use of the perscription
> drug OxyContin, please call the Law Firm of Thomas J. Munley, P.C at
> 1-866-OXY-ABUSE for a confidential case evaluation. Thomas J. Munley &
> Associates is located at 527 Linden Street, Scranton, Pennsylvania
> 18503.

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