From: Nancy E. Hale (nanny@nbnet.nb.ca)
Thu Jan 10 20:27:27 2002

>Shane's family is in New Brunswick. Fredericton and Saint John and then his
>father's maternal side is from Caraquet. But then CYR and McHUGH are common
>in NB anyway.

Ah yes - I was born and brought up in Sussex (about half an hour from Saint John), and I'm now living just outside of Woodstock (an hour from Fredericton) ;)

>Thanks for the warning. Mark, my GP, is usually receptive to anything I
>put by him but this topic seems to make him cringe, don't know why but it
>does. You would think though that if they know surgery causes adhesions
>and from the amount I have had they would check for that first?

We have two surgeons here in this one-horse town - one told me "Adhesions don't caue pain, you have IBS", the other tried the same thing, then when I whapped him with the material from the IAS website, he drew back to "we don't operate for adhesions until they cause a complete bowel obstruction because more surgery only causes more adhesions, and I haven't tried a barrier that works." I was referred to another surgeon in Oromocto back in June - I haven't heard a word from her office yet, and I believe that is because of the word "adhesions". She doesn't want to get involved and have to deal with it.

>I'm going to make Mark sit down with me, even if I have to go to his place
>to do it and tell me why he doesn't think what I have is adhesions. I'm
>going to go armed with literature from the site and point out to him all
>the factors that point to my pain being adhesions and see what he says.

I did this with my GP - she wanted to know where I was getting my info because "you can't trust what you find on the 'net."

>That's where we differ, Nancy, because I have had nothing but the best
>health care here. The NHS in the UK doesn't hold a candle to the health
>care here. I guess I've been spoilt because Mark is a friend and my GP and
>he makes sure I get the best specialists. Now lets see if he can follow
>through with this.

That's where you are lucky - you have more options in Ontario than I do here in Small Town, NB. I really do hope you can find some help. It would be such an encouragement to the rest of us Canucks.

As for pain management, up until I quit working in May, the strongest my GP would prescribe was Ibuprofen and lots of it. When I quit working, she put me on codeine, which didn't work at all, and then on Oxycodone (Endocet/Percocet), which helped for a while, but I guess my tolerance is building as it isn't very effective any more. I've been waiting since the first of May to get into the pain clinic in Saint John. Time flies when you're having fun....

As for driving, I will drive if I absolutely have to (I used to drive taxi to pay the bills), but I don't do anything that interferes with taking my pain meds. They do occasionally make me sleepy, but I plan my activities around that possibility.



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