Re: Jayne

From: Jayne (
Wed Jan 9 20:07:57 2002

Hi Nancy,

> I haven't replied to you earlier because I've been having computer
> problems. I am in Canada as well, central New Brunswick.

Shane's family is in New Brunswick. Fredericton and Saint John and then his father's maternal side is from Caraquet. But then CYR and McHUGH are common in NB anyway.

> It is my belief that you will have a hard time finding anyone in Canada to
> even admit that adhesions can cause pain. I've been fighting for four
> years now to just get semi-adequate pain control, and they refuse to go
any > further until I develop a complete bowel obstruction.

Thanks for the warning. Mark, my GP, is usually receptive to anything I put by him but this topic seems to make him cringe, don't know why but it does. You would think though that if they know surgery causes adhesions and from the amount I have had they would check for that first?

I'm going to make Mark sit down with me, even if I have to go to his place to do it and tell me why he doesn't think what I have is adhesions. I'm going to go armed with literature from the site and point out to him all the factors that point to my pain being adhesions and see what he says.

Then I'll let you all know what happens.

> This is just my personal opinion, remember. And I am very disillusioned
> about the health care system in Canada.

That's where we differ, Nancy, because I have had nothing but the best health care here. The NHS in the UK doesn't hold a candle to the health care here. I guess I've been spoilt because Mark is a friend and my GP and he makes sure I get the best specialists. Now lets see if he can follow through with this.

I'll keep you posted, OK?

Take care


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