Re: Jayne

From: Jayne (
Wed Jan 9 20:44:00 2002

Hi Lisa,

I'm trying to answer all my email here and my pain meds are finally kicking in so if I say something stupid you'll know why? <grin>

So maybe, when they gave me the barium meal/X-ray to check out why I was still having pain after my appendectomy, they assumed it was adhesions because they weren't sure? In 1971 I can see that happening.

But I do remember the pain and the sensation around my scar when I would try to get up from a sitting position or after I had been sat in an awkward position. It really felt like my insides were stuck and every time I tried to straighten up to a standing position the pain would be unbearable plus there was a tearing like sensation.

I think I'm going to have to seriously sit down with Mark and go over it all with him.

Thanks for the tip.

Take care


> Hi Jayne- it certainly sounds like adhesions, but be careful there are > no tests to prove you have adhesions, unless they have obstructed your > bowel, orsomething equaly nasty. The only thing that I know that will > definitively say it's adhesions is surgery(laproscopic, or abdominal) > which just cause more adhesions. A viscous(sp?) circle! Good luck!!

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