Re: Interesting point Cathy

From: Jayne (
Tue Jan 8 18:08:08 2002

Wow Jo, I was diagnosed with IBS too. I think I am really going to see Mark (GP) about this now.

My past record of adhesions after appendectomy (medically proven after a barium meal X-Ray), severe adhesions after my total knee replacement which left me with a leg I can't bend, the medical report that states my gall bladder was full of adhesions when removing it and that I had my right fallopian tube removed during pelvic surgery due to them being riddled with adhesions must back me up surely?

I would say I am a likely candidate for adhesion formation and especially as I have had 31 surgeries to date. If Mark doesn't do anything though I am not going to let this go. Does anyone know of anyone in Ontario, Canada (preferably the Niagara, Hamilton Wentworth, Peel or GTA area) who could help me with this?

Thanks and take care


> I believe that there are many unknowing adhesions sufferers out there who have been miss diagnosed >with IBS. My husband is one such example. He has had very severe bowel problems for as long as I >have known him (over 20 yrs) and he had always experienced some problems with constipation. He >progressively got worse until he was finally diagnosed with extreme IBS. The only test that he hasn't >been submitted to is a diagnostic laperoscopy, which I believe would show that his bowel is somehow >affected by adhesions. What the doctors have failed to take into consideration is the fact that Shane had >is appendix out at just 18mnths old! He was then rushed back into surgery a short time later because of >adhesions.... he is now 40 years old with some of the same problems and pain that I experience... the >difference between us is, my doctors & I both know that adhesions are a major factor in all of my health >problems and Shane is still unaware ! of the cause of his. >

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