Re: Matrix...Lillian, what is Matrix and how does it help?

Tue Jan 8 15:59:33 2002

Helen, MAtrix is a Unit that sends out electrical current sort of like a TENS but with 3000 x's the power . I was told it could break up adhesions.?? I was told it could go through bone. I was told that it works up the nerves so much until they are so tired they can't send the pain signal to the brain. It does give me some releif for a few days . It is not a cure only a releiver. I had 6 treatments for an hour a piece.The last one worked for three days.I could do things I haven't for a long time without pain. But unfortunately it comes back . I get it through my pain Management doc. There are people who walk out without pain but I didn't get that releif from every treatment. Only the last one we tried a different angle like The pudendal nerve and the abdomen. It feels good while its on. But i still take pain meds 24/7 unfortunately. Lillian

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