Interesting point Cathy

From: Jo Eslick (
Mon Jan 7 20:59:42 2002

Hi Cathy,

You make an interesting point about how a second surgery is recorded.... I have made similar comments to doctors & surgeons and they agree that it is a difficult thing to really track properly.

It is a bit like the IBS diagnosis many of us end up with, after having endoscopies and colonoscopies etc.... I pointed out to the surgeon who tried to diagnose me as having IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), that he found nothing wrong inside my bowel etc...but he tried to tell me I had IBS!!  So I told him my theories, and he reluctantly agreed with me.  I feel that IBS is a catch all diagnosis they give when a patient presents with a vague or varied number of symptoms, when they can't find a specific disease or problem, they tell a patient that they have IBS.  This keeps the patient happy, because he/she has a name for the health problems they are experiencing and then they are happy when the doctor writes out a prescription for medication to "relax" the bowels etc....

I believe that there are many unknowing adhesions sufferers out there who have been miss diagnosed with IBS.  My husband is one such example.  He has had very severe bowel problems for as long as I have known him (over 20 yrs) and he had always experienced some problems with constipation.  He progressively got worse until he was finally diagnosed with extreme IBS.  The only test that he hasn't been submitted to is a diagnostic laperoscopy, which I believe would show that his bowel is somehow affected by adhesions.  What the doctors have failed to take into consideration is the fact that Shane had is appendix out at just 18mnths old!  He was then rushed back into surgery a short time later because of adhesions.... he is now 40 years old with some of the same problems and pain that I experience... the difference between us is, my doctors & I both know that adhesions are a major factor in all of my health problems and Shane is still unaware of the cause of his.

It is an interesting thought isn't it..... that is why the adhesions board is so important, we need to educate as many people as possible to the dangers and consequences of surgery and adhesions.....

Well Cathy, I hope this helps you feel less like you are paranoid.... and concerned about a conspiracy theory... sometimes it is so plain as the nose on your face.... it is over looked..... that is what I think happens with adhesions..... IBS and who knows what other medical conditions... they are related in some way, but nobody is looking at the whole picture... doctors have become so specialised in a specific area... they DO miss the whole picture....mmmm

love & gentle hugs

Jo (Australia) 

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