Re: Matrix...Lillian, what is Matrix and how does it help?

From: Jayne (
Wed Jan 9 20:35:02 2002

I wonder if this is what Mark (GP) was talking about>

Mark said it would "deaden" the nerve endings so that they can't transmit pain signals or something like that.

Now, if it is this and it works I may end up with this machine at home for virtually no cost. Lets hope it helps me, eh?

Take care


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> Helen, > MAtrix is a Unit that sends out electrical current sort of like a TENS but > with 3000 x's the power . I was told it could break up adhesions.?? I was > told it could go through bone. I was told that it works up the nerves so much > until they are so tired they can't send the pain signal to the brain. It does > give me some releif for a few days . It is not a cure only a releiver. I had > 6 treatments for an hour a piece.The last one worked for three days.I could > do things I haven't for a long time without pain. But unfortunately it comes > back . I get it through my pain Management doc. There are people who walk out > without pain but I didn't get that releif from every treatment. Only the > last one we tried a different angle like The pudendal nerve and the abdomen. > It feels good while its on. But i still take pain meds 24/7 unfortunately. > Lillian >

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