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From: Mike Lachance (
Tue Jan 8 11:37:23 2002

Anyone suffering from Abdominal Adhesions, please email me

I am 33, I had a ruptured appendix in 1988 (at the age of 19) and had gone 10 days before it was diagnosed. Neeedless to say, it was major emergency surgury. Thankfully, I survived and fully recovered. Except for the gut wrenching pain i have been suffering intermittently ever since.

As if someone inserted a concrete Block under my rib cage. Aggravated by stress, food, or sometimes absolutely nothing at all. I have gone for periods up to a month or 2 with no bouts of pain whatsoever, and other times several times a month.

The pain is usually unbearable and immobilizing and can be felt to develop up to 10 minutes before full onset. Lasting anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes and often followed by hives which Im sure are a result of the internal trauma that i am undergoing.

Dr's have done the helio bacteria tests and other tests and nothing was discovered. I am in otherwise great health and am in very good physical and mental shape.

After reading about Abdominal Adhesions i am now convinced that due to the scale of my surgury (I have a 12" scar vertical from groin to bottom of sternum) Adhesions of the stomach are the cause of my condition.

Please email if you are in a similar situation. We could learn much from some good discussion!

At Mon, 28 Feb 2000, wrote: >
>Okay here goes...
>Much pain in the whole mid-section of my body. Sometimes when having an
>extreme need to defecate, the pain will bring me to my knees & I scream and
>cry it hurts so bad. Then after the BM, it hurts even worse, like it's
>pulsating in there from having to go so badly. Sometimes if I wait to
>urinate too long, I have the same pulsating pain. I would guess this happens
>not only cuz of the bowel resection but also cuz of the IBS. The drs did say
>that the adhesions were wrapped fully around my bowels & were connecting all
>my major organs to each other & to the exterior walls of my abdomen. Any
>time I have to move side-to-side or in a twisting movement, I get severe,
>burning pain that seems to wrap itself totally around my mid-seciton & goes
>down the right leg.
>Some days I don't know where the pain originates; my back or my gut. It's
>like having twins w/colic. When one wakes up, the other isn't far behind.
>My pain hits me any time, anywhere: laying down, sitting, walking. I never
>know when it will come or how bad it will be. To help from falling down I
>try to find something to lean against. The outcome tho, is me walking around
>all bent over & holding myself. The pain gets so bad it feels like I'm going
>to fall out of myself.
>I have so many other problems besides adhesions that the symptoms mesh
>together most days. That's all I can think of right now.

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