Re: I have a question

Tue Jan 8 11:34:04 2002

Hi my IAS buddies:

I have a question, as I am trying to understand what I am feeling inside my body. OK, I have a right-sided rib pain that can feel like a knife is sticking in there at times, other times it just aches or pains, other times it is extreme. I feel pain all throughout my abdomen at times and the upper part of my vagina and rectum hurts. I get lower back pain when I walk too much. My legs, hands and arms ache. Now, except for the pulling I feel on my right side from my rib to my lower abdomen I don't feel any extensive pulling in other areas although I feel pain from them, so sometimes I wonder if this is adhesions or what it is. The right-sided rib pain could be nerve damage, but of course all tests are negative for anything. What I am asking is for those that have the time to please write in and tell me what you feel; what parts of your body you are having pain from and what the pain feels like. I am just trying to compare what I feel and what others feel to help understand what is going on inside my body.

Thank you all for those that have the time to write and let me know. To a much better 2002 and that there be a cure coming soon for us.



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