First time poster

From: Katrina (
Tue Jan 8 10:28:38 2002

Hello all,

This is my first time to post on this page. I had my 13th surgery in December and have been told by both of my doctors that it had to be my last. One doctor agrees that the adehsions cause pain the other says he is not convinced because there is no "medical evidence". My husband and I have decided that it is now time for us to take this into our hands and help in any way with this cause. We know that they cause pain because I live with it. Since I am just starting this journey I am open to any suggestions or ideas that you may have. I am not ready to give up and "learn to live with it". My adhesions keep attaching to my colon and I have already had 12" taken out. My doctor said that he is very concerned about me getting paratenitis (sp?). So now I am not just looking for a way to live with it but to help with research to find out what causes it and how to prevent it.


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