TIPS to help you Search the IAS ARCHIVES...

From: Helen Dynda (
Tue Jan 8 10:56:09 2002


1.) Enter:

2.) Scroll to bottom of the webpage.

3.) Enter any "search term" ...

.....a.) If one search term does not bring up information, try a similar term ... Even partial sentences will work ... Experiment until you become comfortable using search terms. The quality of the information available in the ARCHIVES will surprise you!!

.....b.) Certain individuals have shared alot of excellent information. You probably remember them best by their name or by their email address. Here are a few examples:

.........Beverly Doucette - Bev no longer posts messages; but she has posted some excellent information in the past. The easiest way to locate Bev's information is by entering Bev's previous email address:

.........Helen Dynda - I have posted educational information ever since the IAS went online in April 1999. Entering my name is the easiest way to find this information.

.........Helen Chalmers - speaks highly of the American Society for Action on Pain (ASAP) website It was through the ASAP that Helen C. found doctors, who have been prescribing adequate pain medication to help her manage her chronic pain. Helen C. has had a special interest in helping other chronic pain people find doctors, who will help!!

.........Jo Eslick ( ) Jo is from Australia. It is important to know this because the names of medication in Australia differ from the names of medications in the United States; but even though the names are different, I think the medications themselves are exactly the same. [ NOTE: If this is wrong Jo, please correct for me.] Jo continues to post alot of excellent information. She is writing a book and has said that a documentary may be in the works. Jo uses alot of alternate techniques ( Relaxation techniques, Visualization, etc.) to help reduce her pain level.

........I'm sure that I have overlooked names of other people, who have share information; but this is all that my brain is capable of finding today. My apologies to those I have overlooked.

.........LINKS - You will see LINKS at the top of the webpage. Click: LINKS ... There is alot of information stored there; HOWEVER, the LINKS site has not been updated since the IAS website went online in April 1999 - so alot of information is "Not Found." With persistence though, you will find some excellent information.

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