A New Year

From: joanne Thorpe (artdesigner2@hotmail.com)
Sat Jan 5 18:14:57 2002

Hello again to all that responded to my email. It was so good to have mail. I forget what it is like to be on this site. Yes, Sally, I should be grateful for any improvement and boy do I have it. I remember when my adhesions were all the way up my bowels and stuck to my abdominal wall. I felt like I was 9 months pregnant and every thing I did caused so much pain the following day. I am now free to do most anything and actually danced on New Years Eve. I walk about 2 miles every other day and clean a 3,000 square foot house in one day. I just love life so much and I only have 2 things that depress me now. One is fatique. I sleep so much and I am not sure if it is from the many surgeries or the pain meds. I can sleep 12 hours a night with no problem and if I don't get 10 I am a zombie. The second thing is the brain fog from the Methadone. I can't remember much and I wonder if I will ever be able to get a job where I have to think. I am a nurse and wouldn't think to work as one while on these drugs (even at these small doses). I would be so afraid to make a mistake. So I am just caretaking the elderly and taking life one day at a time. The Methadone totally covers the pain and so I am mostly pain free but without it I would be in an emergency room within 8 hours. Someone asked me about Germany and I must say that I believe that Dr. Korell saved my life. He is the finest surgeon money can buy and he is so wonderful and patient. I feel like Germany is a second home. I loved every minute of it and would love to go back for an extended stay someday. I do believe that my adhesions are gone now and you wouldn't believe how many that I had! So the Intergel worked even though I had some major side effects from it. It sort of shut down my bowels and froze them solid. But that is all repaired now with mega herbs. I'll keep in touch more often as I love this site.


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