my herbal miracle

From: joanne Thorpe (
Sat Jan 5 18:34:08 2002

Hi again, I want to tell you the story about my herbs and how I found them. Before I went to germany I went to a church with a neighbor which believes in laying of hands and speaking in toungs (spelling?). I figured tthat it couldn't hurt. I ment a woman that day who prayed with me a blessed me. She had such a strong spirit and looked so healthy that I had to ask her what her secret was. She told me about these Chinese herbal foods. I am the biggest sceptic about new products that I forgot all about our long talk. Finally, months after my trip to Germany I got on my knees and prayed for help because I was just not healing and my bowels were completely shut down. I had even been in the hospital with impactions. As soon as I got up from prayer the phone rang and it was Barbara, calling to tell me about the herbs. She actually thought that she was calling someone else and pulled my card by mistake. I knew that God had sent her to me and so I went straight over to her home and since then I have religiously stuck to the herbs. The basic products are the green tea for cleansing (called Calli), the NuPlus which is a dried food for nourishment and finally the Quinary for balance (sort of like a vitamin). They also have a number of other products in which I am slowly adding to my daily routine like makeup and dental products. The best product is called Joi. It is for pain and it is wonderful. I take about 6 of those a day and it totally takes the edge off. It works so well. You can log on to their website at but you will not find a lot of info there. The doctors know that the product works best if you have a sponsor and someone to work with you. They never advertise so it is all word of mouth. The products are expensive but in 6 short months I have introduced some friends to it and I already get checks for 275 dollars a month. That is why i am able to start trying other products. It is all money back guaranteed so there is no risk. Let me know if you are interested and I will tell you more,

Love, Joanne

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