Re: ok i really need your help my dad is dying this is soo hard please read!!!

From: Jean Long (
Thu Aug 30 23:21:58 2001

Colette, They can live very long lives with a G-Tube. There were some in the Nursing Home who have had them in for many years and you would never know it. They get fed when everyone else does except directly to the belly, not from the mouth. One of my mother-in-law's room-mates had it in so I saw when they came with her meals but then they closed the curtain for her privacy.


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Dear Colette,

I am sorry to hear about your Dad, why has the decision been left to you? I don't you have power of attornie on you dad's behalf?

I'm sure if you research G-Tube through archives you will get your answer. Hopefully Helen Dynda will see your urgent message and point you in the right direction.

We of-course are all pulling for you Colette, you and your dad are in our thoughts & prayers. Stay calm, and research....ask loads of questions, when you feel confident you have enough information. hang in there....

love, hugs & cheers


At Thu, 30 Aug 2001, Colette wrote: >
>I know this is an adhesion board! i got a phone call today about my
dad! >Boy am i confused! He needs a G-tube?? I know its a feeding tube of
>sorts! Gosh i feel so guilty my dad is in st. rose hospital in NV and
>i'm in AZ and i can't do a thing for him! But i have to make decision
>about the g-tube which i'm waiting for a phone call from the dr.
>Just when i thought i was doing a little better1 Now i just think about
>it i start to water! Could someone let me know what a g-tube is?? I
hate >to ask but you guys are better than doc. I'm sorry i know i should
>stick to the subject but i need your help i don't know how to do this ?
>my mom is no help i called his brothers they are no help either! So i'm
>on my own with this huge decision and i have no one else to teurn too!
>What if i make the wrong decision? ok now i'm falling apart!
> Love you guys
> Colette

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