Re: ok i really need your help my dad is dying this is soo hard please read!!!

From: Poutinen, Jay (
Thu Aug 30 22:59:32 2001

A G-tube is a feeding tube inserted from outside, directly into the stomach. It's permanent, unless it's removed. It's a way to get food into the stomach when you cannot get it through the mouth and esophagus.

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Dear Colette,

I am sorry to hear about your Dad, why has the decision been left to you? I don't you have power of attornie on you dad's behalf?

I'm sure if you research G-Tube through archives you will get your answer. Hopefully Helen Dynda will see your urgent message and point you in the right direction.

We of-course are all pulling for you Colette, you and your dad are in our thoughts & prayers. Stay calm, and research....ask loads of questions, when you feel confident you have enough information. hang in there....

love, hugs & cheers


At Thu, 30 Aug 2001, Colette wrote: >
>I know this is an adhesion board! i got a phone call today about my
dad! >Boy am i confused! He needs a G-tube?? I know its a feeding tube of
>sorts! Gosh i feel so guilty my dad is in st. rose hospital in NV and
>i'm in AZ and i can't do a thing for him! But i have to make decision
>about the g-tube which i'm waiting for a phone call from the dr.
>Just when i thought i was doing a little better1 Now i just think about
>it i start to water! Could someone let me know what a g-tube is?? I
hate >to ask but you guys are better than doc. I'm sorry i know i should
>stick to the subject but i need your help i don't know how to do this ?
>my mom is no help i called his brothers they are no help either! So i'm
>on my own with this huge decision and i have no one else to teurn too!
>What if i make the wrong decision? ok now i'm falling apart!
> Love you guys
> Colette

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