C-section adhesions???

From: Courtney (EL277@aol.com)
Thu Aug 30 22:06:52 2001

I was just wondering for all of you that were diagnosed with adhesions after c-section, did your pain feel like someone did another section on you overnight or in a matter of hours? Here's the deal.....

Last night 08/29 after dinner I got up from the table slowly to put the dishes in the kitchen and noticed that I couldn't stand straight like normal and I was in severe pain. The pain is in the same area as my c-section scar. And feels like I have just had another baby via c-section within the past week. My son is going to be a year old the end of September. I can't even pick him up and put him in his crib because of this pain. I found myself walking holding my lower stomach just like I did after having my son. I thought that maybe I just pulled a muscle but the pain is constant and doesn't go away with advil or even strong medications like percadan I take for my back. What do you think??? Adhesions??? Pulled muscle??? Call the OB/Gyn, or Family dr??? Thanks in advance!!


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