Re: C-section adhesions???

From: Wally (
Thu Aug 30 22:45:50 2001

Hi Courtney,

I have had 4 c-sections, and the pain your describing could be adhesions, however I think you need to your GP & then perhaps your OB/GYN......My problems with adhesions started because of the c-sections & my surgeon not explaining the consequences of repeated surgery in the same area. I have now had surgery along that same line seven times.

Some people can go for years before adhesions start causing problems, while others start to feel the pulling pain almost straight after surgery. Go get some help from your doctors asap.

love, hugs & cheers

Jo (Australia) story is on the quilt.

At Thu, 30 Aug 2001, Courtney wrote: >
>I was just wondering for all of you that were diagnosed with adhesions
>after c-section, did your pain feel like someone did another section on
>you overnight or in a matter of hours? Here's the deal.....
>Last night 08/29 after dinner I got up from the table slowly to put the
>dishes in the kitchen and noticed that I couldn't stand straight like
>normal and I was in severe pain. The pain is in the same area as my
>c-section scar. And feels like I have just had another baby via
>c-section within the past week. My son is going to be a year old the
>end of September. I can't even pick him up and put him in his crib
>because of this pain. I found myself walking holding my lower stomach
>just like I did after having my son. I thought that maybe I just pulled
>a muscle but the pain is constant and doesn't go away with advil or even
>strong medications like percadan I take for my back. What do you
>think??? Adhesions??? Pulled muscle??? Call the OB/Gyn, or Family dr???
>Thanks in advance!!

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