Re: Talked with a surgeon today - nightmare!!! Help!

From: Wally (
Thu Aug 30 20:23:27 2001

Oh Jill!

I am so sorry you had such a bad experience with the surgeon. I think you did the right thing by walking out. You don't want him taking ANY organ out of your body without your knowledge! I'm sure that Helen Dynda will be able to point you in the right direction. Welcome to the board, keep us informed on how you are, we are a pretty friendly group here & will offer you support & assistance where ever possible. Hang in lots of research & ask ask ask LOTS of questions! Then you will be in a position to look at your options.

Love, hugs & cheers

Jo (Australia)

At Thu, 30 Aug 2001, Jill wrote: >
>It's been a year now since my hyst, and I've completed numerous tests to
>try and figure out my strange pain in my right side. My GI doctor , who
>I really like, does feel adhesions are definitely at play, and she
>referred me to a laparascopic surgeon, who I saw today.
>I was first put off when the first thing he said was , "So why are you
>here, anyway?" - uggh!!! He read my chart, and did a history with me,
>then wanted to know why I didn't have any liver scans done, and said we
>should do one. I told him when and where I get my pain, and he said,
>"well, for someone in pain, you look pretty good". another uggh.
>He then led me to his scheduler, who ignored me for several minutes,
>then loudly stated "did you have a day in mind, or do you want the next
>available? " I didn't understand, and said "what?" she nastily repeated
>herself . . . I said "for what?" she said "for surgery, of course!" I
>told her I thought we were just scheduling an ultrasound, and she said
>the doctor's chart said that I had agreed to surgery! She then said" you
>were in the treatment room with him, didn't you listen at all?"
>Needless to say, I burst into tears at this point, and left immediately.
>I'm sorry to vent on all of you - but now what do I do? I've heard he is
>a good surgeon, but I refuse to be treated that way by anyone in the
>medical profession!
>Another odd thing he said that scared me was "If I do surgery, and your
>gall bladder doesn't look right, I'll just take it out, even though your
>tests are normal"
>Please helP!
>Jill Humbert

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