Re: Talked with a surgeon today - nightmare!!! Help!

From: Millie (
Thu Aug 30 20:23:23 2001

Jill, By ALL means, get to another Dr., fast!!! Those people showed complete un- professionalism in the way they treated you. I've had Drs. make me cry, and it's not worth it. They need lessons in compassion. Millie

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> It's been a year now since my hyst, and I've completed numerous tests to
> try and figure out my strange pain in my right side. My GI doctor , who
> I really like, does feel adhesions are definitely at play, and she
> referred me to a laparascopic surgeon, who I saw today.
> I was first put off when the first thing he said was , "So why are you
> here, anyway?" - uggh!!! He read my chart, and did a history with me,
> then wanted to know why I didn't have any liver scans done, and said we
> should do one. I told him when and where I get my pain, and he said,
> "well, for someone in pain, you look pretty good". another uggh.
> He then led me to his scheduler, who ignored me for several minutes,
> then loudly stated "did you have a day in mind, or do you want the next
> available? " I didn't understand, and said "what?" she nastily repeated
> herself . . . I said "for what?" she said "for surgery, of course!" I
> told her I thought we were just scheduling an ultrasound, and she said
> the doctor's chart said that I had agreed to surgery! She then said" you
> were in the treatment room with him, didn't you listen at all?"
> Needless to say, I burst into tears at this point, and left immediately.
> I'm sorry to vent on all of you - but now what do I do? I've heard he is
> a good surgeon, but I refuse to be treated that way by anyone in the
> medical profession!
> Another odd thing he said that scared me was "If I do surgery, and your
> gall bladder doesn't look right, I'll just take it out, even though your
> tests are normal"
> Please helP!
> Jill Humbert
> --
> Jill

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