From: Nancy E. Hale (
Thu Aug 30 19:58:41 2001

Hey sweetie:

Glad to know that I bring a laugh to your day. With all that you are facing, you need that laugh.

Now, I know I'm about to burst your bubble and make you realize that I really am not a super brain or anything, but I'm going to tell you how I remember everyones' names. When a message comes in that I want to respond to, I simply leave it in my "In" box until I'm done composing my outgoing message. As I respond to each one, I delete it from the "In" box, and when it is empty, I know I can finish up with my own thoughts and feelings for the day and post my message. In other words, I cheat! *LOL*

I'm so sorry to hear that your dad is not well. And especially sorry that all of the responsibility seems to be falling on your shoulders. It never rains but it pours. If you need to chat, just write me. I lost my dad 13 years ago, and I still miss him.

From the looks of things I'm going to have a bunch of good days once I adjust to a pain med that actually relieves the pain. I know it's just adjustment, but I have had a few sleepy spells, a few weak spells, and a couple of minor dizzy spells today, and I'm hoping they will all go away as I get used to the oxycodone. My pain levels have gone from being an almost constant 9 down to between a 4 and a 6, and it really feels good to be able to feel almost normal.

JENNY LOW: Good to see your name on the board again. I thought maybe you had gone on vacation and forgotten to come back ;) Hope you are feeling well.

JILL: Looks like you are another victim of the "but you don't look sick" mentality. My opinion is also that you should go back to your GI and ask for a second opinion. Sounds like the doctor and his nurse were trying to push you through a procedure you hadn't agreed to and didn't necessarily need - take your gall bladder just because he was there and so was it???? IMHO, you did the right thing by walking out without scheduling. Have faith Hon, you will find someone who will listen to you and not someone who thinks they are first cousin to G_d himself.

Anyway girls, have a good evening everyone. I'm going to find my knitting and a fuzzy kitty to cuddle up with.

Nancy in NB

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