'Rough' Vaginal Ultrasound - now adhesions

From: Leighsa Wilson (leighsart@lycos.com)
Wed Aug 29 08:22:58 2001

Four years ago I miscarried twins. At the ER I was given a vaginal ultrasound by a technician who seemed to be having a bad day (it was Mother's Day and maybe she resented having to work). Anyway, she was very rough; jabbing painfully around my insides causing more bleeding and paying no attention to my crying or protests. I had never had this procedure before and thought this was just a painful process. I lost one child that day but a steady fetal heartbeat remained for my other baby. A few days later I had another vaginal ultrasound by a different person and it was very gentle with little pain. There was no heartbeat however.

Whew, sorry 'bout the history but my question is...could that first ultrasound have caused an injury that led to intestinal adhesions that I had surgically removed two years later and am going to have removed again next week?

Also, what can I do about the EXTREME pain after the laproscopy? This surgery is done outpatient and this time I will also be having my gallbladder removed and tubal sterilization. Will the pain be worse? Does GasX help? Could I get a local anesthetic injection in my neck and shoulders (where the pain is greatest)? I'm scared and appreciate any response.

Thank you, Leighsa

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