Re: 'Rough' Vaginal Ultrasound - now adhesions

From: toni welsh (
Wed Aug 29 08:42:25 2001

At Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Leighsa Wilson wrote: >
>Four years ago I miscarried twins. At the ER I was given a vaginal
>ultrasound by a technician who seemed to be having a bad day (it was
>Mother's Day and maybe she resented having to work). Anyway, she was
>very rough; jabbing painfully around my insides causing more bleeding
>and paying no attention to my crying or protests. I had never had this
>procedure before and thought this was just a painful process. I lost
>one child that day but a steady fetal heartbeat remained for my other
>baby. A few days later I had another vaginal ultrasound by a different
>person and it was very gentle with little pain. There was no heartbeat
>Whew, sorry 'bout the history but my question is...could that first
>ultrasound have caused an injury that led to intestinal adhesions that I
>had surgically removed two years later and am going to have removed
>again next week?
>Also, what can I do about the EXTREME pain after the laproscopy? This
>surgery is done outpatient and this time I will also be having my
>gallbladder removed and tubal sterilization. Will the pain be worse?
>Does GasX help? Could I get a local anesthetic injection in my neck and
>shoulders (where the pain is greatest)? I'm scared and appreciate any
>Thank you,

I have always udes gas x after all surgeries, but in the hospital they always gave me Mylicon, they told me it worked better! I had 3 miscarriages years ago, but ny drs back then never wanted to find out why I miscarried allthe time. I had one son he is 25 now, and he was c section, I am sure I had trouble conceiving and carrying them due to adhesions at that time. I hope this next surgery helps you. Take care and good luck to you!!


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