Re: 'Rough' Vaginal Ultrasound - now adhesions

From: Wally (
Wed Aug 29 23:53:40 2001


It sounds like you are very "stressed" about your condition and the proposed surgery. If your pain is in the neck & shoulders, it could be tension. I know that happens to me right before surgery and it can take a good half hour of my husband massaging my neck & shoulders to gain relief.

I am sorry that you have had such a bad experience with a vaginal ultrasound. I have had many, many ultrasounds over the last 16 years, and I can tell you that sometimes they can be quite uncomfortable, and othertimes, you don't even notice the intrusion.

I think that you also need to be aware of your rights as a patient. DONOT let a technician cause you so much pain and anguish. You have the RIGHT to ask the technician to stop the procedure & ask for someone else to do it.

Adhesion can be caused by so many things, including trauma, infection & surgery. I am not a Doctor, so I can not answer your question regarding the rough & painful ultrsound as the reason for your adhesions. I think that perhaps you need to talk to the doctor who is going to perform your surgery again. Write down your questions for him, and check them off after you feel he has given you a satisfactory answer to each one.

Ultrasound is a very useful diagnostic tool, and it can be quite effective when used by an experienced technician. Did the technician ask your permission before doing the vaginal ultrsound? I was under the impression that a vaginal ultrsound during pregnancy (especially during a suspected miscarriage) was deemed a risk. Please remember Leighsa, that I am not a Doctor, these are the impressions I have after so many years of constant ultrsound examination.

Just recently I needed to have a vaginal ultrasound to confirm a diagnosis of an ovary remnant cyst, it was painful, I was very sensative at the time. After the cyst had been drained I had another, which wasn't as uncomfortable.

Leighsa, I also think that if you are having your gall bladder removed & a tubal ligation as well as taking down adhesions, that you will most certainly experience pain. The wounds will heal quickly, but I do think you will have a degree of discomfort as your body adjusts to loosing an organ. It would be prudent to organise a little time off work to help your recovery. Rest & gentle excersise, avoiding heavy lifting is usually recommended after surgery.

I hope that you find the answers you need Leighsa, best wishes to you, I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers.

love, hugs & cheers

Jo (Australia)

At Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Leighsa Wilson wrote: >
>Four years ago I miscarried twins. At the ER I was given a vaginal
>ultrasound by a technician who seemed to be having a bad day (it was
>Mother's Day and maybe she resented having to work). Anyway, she was
>very rough; jabbing painfully around my insides causing more bleeding
>and paying no attention to my crying or protests. I had never had this
>procedure before and thought this was just a painful process. I lost
>one child that day but a steady fetal heartbeat remained for my other
>baby. A few days later I had another vaginal ultrasound by a different
>person and it was very gentle with little pain. There was no heartbeat
>Whew, sorry 'bout the history but my question is...could that first
>ultrasound have caused an injury that led to intestinal adhesions that I
>had surgically removed two years later and am going to have removed
>again next week?
>Also, what can I do about the EXTREME pain after the laproscopy? This
>surgery is done outpatient and this time I will also be having my
>gallbladder removed and tubal sterilization. Will the pain be worse?
>Does GasX help? Could I get a local anesthetic injection in my neck and
>shoulders (where the pain is greatest)? I'm scared and appreciate any
>Thank you,

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