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From: Wally (
Wed Aug 29 06:04:46 2001

Hi Gloria,

I really liked your message to Sally, I use positive affirmations, meditation and breathing excersises as well as herbals to help me control pain. Now I have another technique to add to my bag of tricks!

Lynda & I have posted numerous messages to each other on the board regarding the virtues of Pollyanna, welcome to our club! Lynda talks about her "polyanna suite", and I have one too. Life is precious, and so is the time we have and how we use it.

All of us get tired from time to time, and Lynda & I refer to it as "our suite requiring stitching up" or something to that effect. Mine has needed reinforcing this of the things we have to remember is that we are only human, and it's OK to feel a bit yuk every now & again.

I've had my pity party, I'm still in it's time to pick myself up, dust off my pollyanna suite and get on with it.

Thanks for your positive attitude......I look forward to your future posts!

love, hugs & cheers,


At Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Gloria wrote: >
>Hi, Sally,
> What a pain in the you know what. (No pun intended, lol). I know it makes
>the pain worse (or at least dealing with the pain) when other things in your
>life are putting extra stress on you. When times are really tough for me I
>use this little mental game: I ask myself, can I deal with this just for
>today? sometimes the answer is NO. OK then, can I deal with this for the
>next hour? or the next 15 minutes? Most of the time the answer is yes. And
>then when I'm doing or dealing with whatever it is, I say to myself: This,
>too, shall pass. Over and over if need be. Sometimes that's the only way I
>can function hour by hour-knowing that things will NOT always be like this, IE
>: massive stress and problems . I will get some downtime sooner or later!
> I know what to watch for-as far as things getting bad go. I once went for
>17 days without having a bm. Talk about scared. Especially when the
>so-called gastro-intestinal specialist said there was nothing wrong with me.
>What a joke. I knew without a doubt there were things wrong.
> I'm doing better today. Yesterday-no pain meds either. Yippee! Some
>pain today-but I'm doing housework catch-up while the twins are at the
>baby-sitter. That's the only way I can get anything done. I have 10 (I just
>counted) gates in my house-but that only slows them down a bit now-a-days.
>Oh, well-this too shall pass! haha
> At this time I have insurance-but I won't as soon as I get re-married.
>Which we've talked about doing in the near future. His co. has good family
>insurance-but we're pretty sure they are going to say my condition is
>pre-existing. Well see....
> Hope you find some time to relax today. Just tell yourself and your
>hubby-the more you rest-the more you will be able to do.
> Anyhow-sending good wishes for you today.
> Take care of yourself 1st !!
> Love,
> Gloria :)
>p.s. That reply is pretty much my true self. Some of my close girlfriends
>have taken to calling me Glorianna ( after the movie-Pollyanna) because I
>always can see or at least look for the bright side of things and am usually a
>happy person. Although I have certainly learned about depression over these
>last two years! Oh, well-try and have a good day. Find something to smile
>about.!! :)
>Sally Grigg wrote:
>> Dear Gloria, what an upbeat reply. Thank you for putting your heart and
>> soul into it. I need to focus on the good things, but I'm really scared
>> because I don't have enough help here at the Inn right now and my
>> husband doesn't want me to hire more people, but I have to. So that
>> means I have to go against him and do what I know is right. That's
>> always a hard position, but one I've done many times before.
>> I'm sorry you don't have enough money to go right now for surgery. You
>> should be aware that it takes two doctors to operate (I think). I'm
>> almost sure (but not positive) that only one doctor would be
>> insufficient, and they wouldn't put themselves in a position of not
>> being prepared for all contingencies. As long as you can function and
>> have bowel movements, you can delay surgery. I know that I'm not a
>> doctor so don't listen to me, but its quite an ordeal. Some people get
>> better, some don't. I also think that there are other good doctors out
>> there. Do you have any insurance at all? If your adhesions are
>> wrapped tightly around your intestines, that's a big problem. You'd
>> know, because you wouldn't be able to "go". Prayers and love, Sally

Positive Affirmation

Say this with your hands above your head (victory style) and repeat three times: I'm Alive I'm Alert I'm a LOT of fun!!

That should get you smiling!

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