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From: Wally (
Wed Aug 29 06:23:36 2001

Hi Kris,

I understand your dilemma, surgery is such a hard thing to consider when we suffer with this horrible, painful condition. I had surgery in April to remove my ovaries which had attached to my vagina, bladder & bowel. The pain you described is the same as I have experienced.

Unfortunatley the only one who can really make the decision about surgery is you. For me, it has helped with some of my symptoms, but I am still experiencing pain, I have had a period where I almost felt normal, but not at the moment.

I have recently experienced extreme pain from an ovary remnant cyst, and I still don't know if it was responsible for all the pain I have now.

I have expressed feelings of doubt to my doctor regarding the April surgery, but she believes that it was necessary and that I am going to feel the benefit of it eventually!

So Kris, my best wishes, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope that you can make a decision, and then feel comfortable with the outcomes. I have a friend from this board who endured quite a large number of surgeries before finally reaching her goal. She has been pain free now since March, and enjoying every day whole heartedly.

Love, hugs & cheers,

Jo (Australia)

At Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Kris wrote: >
>Hello everyone,
>I read the boards daily but donot post that much...
>I went to the Dr. yesterday and am thinking about having my adhesions
>removed upon exam he says he can fill a fullness which he believes is my
>bowel attached to my vaginal wall and adhesions all over. I am to the
>point I cannot have Intercourse because the pain is to bad, I have to be
>near a bathroom at all times . I hate going shopping and out to eat
>because I am afraid of the intestinal symptoms I am going to have to go
>even before I finish my meal. And then must go striaght home. Now,
>this is a normal day for me. I do have a few days that I feel halfway
>way okay.. I guess what I am asking for your input, I feel like, Is
>this really happening or is it this bad.. I feel a little insecure
>going back to surgery ( I have had 2 abdominal surgeries and 8 scopes
>because of endo and cyst.. I have no reproductive oragans left. Is
>this going to make a difference. The Dr. says he thinks it will but
>don 't expect a cure all. It could come back. It has been 7 yrs. with
>no surgery,if I decide not to have the surgery will the bowel being
>attached cause any emergency problems down the rd. I do not know why
>but I am second guessing myself. Any input I would really appreciate
>some help, I am just not sure, He did mention that if it was severe
>enough he would have to use a ng tube, what is that anyone know ??

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