Hi Lesa!

From: Wally (wallamara@hotmail.com)
Wed Aug 29 04:46:32 2001

Believe it or not....it's been too wet to enjoy my egg throwing :-(.......but it sure was fun thinking about it!

My pain has been getting worse over the last few days...I suspect that I have another cyst........I'm laying in bed nursing the lap top....this is when I need you guys.....I get sooo sick of bed!

Hope the weather isn't too hot for you, I have noticed on the news that quite a few states are battling fires at the moment....hope everyone of you is safely away from all that!

Have a pain free day Lesa,

love, hugs & cheers Jo

At Tue, 28 Aug 2001, TODDnLESA@aol.com wrote: >
>Go ahead and throw a few eggs....what the heck! I hope tomorrow is a better
>day for you.

Positive Affirmation

Say this with your hands above your head (victory style) and repeat three times: I'm Alive I'm Alert I'm a LOT of fun!!

That should get you smiling!

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