Re: Low blood pressure and body temp

From: bob (
Wed Aug 29 02:04:25 2001

At Sat, 14 Jul 2001, tinky wrote: >
>Hey guys!! Mine too. I learned one thing that really helped with the
>low blood pressure -- worked within a couple of days and if i stick to
>it, my blood pressure is much higher!
>I had been on a self imposed salt restricted diet for years cause my
>endo had me soooo bloated... basically I salted my food, but ate no
>prepared foods and avoided bread and other things that are preseved with
>One day I went to the doc, and my BP was like, 80/50. It suddenly hit
>me and I switched my diet, within 24 hours I was feeling much better!!
>give it a try. Avoiding salt is much overrated in the media. A few
>days can tell you how it works for you, and also just FYI, I mean just
>eat the daily level of around 2 grams -- not more than that.
>good luck!
>At Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Sally Grigg wrote:
>>Dear Nancy, My normal blood pressure and temperature are also low. I've always
>>just accepted it. Love, Sally
>>"Nancy E. Hale" wrote:
>>> Karen Carter and Jean Long were discussing this last weekend. I have had
>>> one nurse at the ER comment on my low blood pressure - it normally runs
>>> between 86/57 and 100/65. My normal body temp is around 97. My hands and
>>> feet are like ice in the middle of summer. My GP has never mentioned
>>> anything about either BP or temp, so I don't think anything about it.
>>> I was just wondering - how many on the Board have had comments made about
>>> low BP or body temp? Is it possible that this is linked to ARD?
>>> I know - I shouldn't let my mind wander like that, it's too little to be
>>> out alone ;)
>>> Nancy in NB
>>> ICQ #9683431

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