Re: pain is back

From: Rose Lunn (
Tue Aug 28 11:22:21 2001


Sorry to say....I'm feeling like mine is coming back as well. But I enjoyed the months without it and wouldn't hesitate to have surgery again. I'll wait until I know if I still have a job and insurance before I go back.

Good luck and many prayers for you, kcmo rose

At Sat, 25 Aug 2001, Gloria wrote: >
>HI all,
>I've been hesitating for days to post this on the board. But, I'm sorry
>to say that the old devil pain is coming back. Actually has been coming
>back for over a week now. For some reason I just felt (and do feel)
>awful in telling everyone that my pain-free days from the last surgery
>did not last. Robin, I believe, you also had surgery not so long ago
>and are now in pain again. I'm guessing you know exactly how I feel. I
>almost feel ashamed of telling people that I hurt now because I WAS
>feeling so good-but it didn't last. Now I'm just hoping that it doesn't
>get too bad too quickly. I told my family doc-she seems to think that
>it is because I am over doing it. She could be right-but I really don't
>think so. I still have pain meds from previous prescriptions-so I'll be
>able to function for awhile without going to see the doc. I pretty much
>am planning a trip to Germany ( to Dr. G. ?). I HAVE to have the best
>doc if/when I have surgery again. Hopefully I just have been doing too
>much. Only time will tell.
>Sorry about your job Rose, it makes it so frustrating when people just
>don't understand, which doesn't help your stress level, which doesn't
>help your pain, etc., what a vicious cycle...Hope things work out for
>Chrissy-I will miss your cheery posts. Best of luck to you and yours.
>Don't stay away too long.
>Sending prayers and good wishes to all,
> Love Gloria :)

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