Re: pain is back

From: Gloria (
Sat Aug 25 23:34:01 2001

HI all,

I've been hesitating for days to post this on the board. But, I'm sorry to say that the old devil pain is coming back. Actually has been coming back for over a week now. For some reason I just felt (and do feel) awful in telling everyone that my pain-free days from the last surgery did not last. Robin, I believe, you also had surgery not so long ago and are now in pain again. I'm guessing you know exactly how I feel. I almost feel ashamed of telling people that I hurt now because I WAS feeling so good-but it didn't last. Now I'm just hoping that it doesn't get too bad too quickly. I told my family doc-she seems to think that it is because I am over doing it. She could be right-but I really don't think so. I still have pain meds from previous prescriptions-so I'll be able to function for awhile without going to see the doc. I pretty much am planning a trip to Germany ( to Dr. G. ?). I HAVE to have the best doc if/when I have surgery again. Hopefully I just have been doing too much. Only time will tell. Sorry about your job Rose, it makes it so frustrating when people just don't understand, which doesn't help your stress level, which doesn't help your pain, etc., what a vicious cycle...Hope things work out for you.

Chrissy-I will miss your cheery posts. Best of luck to you and yours. Don't stay away too long.

Sending prayers and good wishes to all, Love Gloria :)

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