Re: Notes and Thoughts

From: Rose Lunn (
Tue Aug 28 11:18:03 2001

You hang in their sweetie......we're all pulling for you! kcmo rose

At Sun, 26 Aug 2001, Nancy E. Hale wrote: >
>Dear Friends:
>Rather than send a bunch of individual e-mails, I thought I would do a
>"group" thing here.
>HELEN C - Have a grand time on your vacation.
>KELLY MURRAY - Good to see you back.
>COLETTE - Glad you haven't lost your sense of humor. I enjoy the e-mails
>MARIANNE - I've got my purple hat - and a coat sweater to match ;)
>MILLIE - Thanks for sharing your hubby with me on MSN *grin* Ed has a
>really enjoyable sense of humor.
>LILLIAN - Sorry you're having a bad stretch of it. I'm allergic to pain -
>it makes me break out in hurt.
>ROSE - At least you have your psych on your side and understanding what you
>are going through.
>SALLY - Sweet Sally, always there to lend us your shoulder. *Hugs*
>LESA - Glad you're getting some relief from the Vicodin.
>TONI - Gatlinburg? Heart-shaped jacuzzi? Did you at least THINK of the
>rest of us???? Glad you enjoyed yourself Sweetie *hugs*
>I'm limiting myself at the computer right now. I'm receiving 100+ e-mail a
>day, and it takes me at least 3 hours to read everything. It's too much to
>attempt all in one stretch, so I tackle it in three or four bunches each
>day. I do try to turn on one or another of my chat programs whenever I'm
>on, and I always end up talking to someone, which lengthens the time I
>spend sitting, which increases the pain.
>I have a doctor's appt. coming up this week, which I am hopeful will bring
>some results. But I found out last week that pain patients in New
>Brunswick have no rights to treatment like they do in the US. Bummer.
>Meanwhile, I continue to try to make order out of chaos here at home. Have
>three rooms out of seven completely done, but have to make curtains for the
>laundry room and Shawn's room to finish them off, and then get the other
>house packed up and moved over here. I take it an hour or so at a time and
>then rest. Can't do much more unless I want to fall flat on my face, and I
>can't pack/unpack/move stuff and keep my cane handy enough to grab when I
>need it. Life sux.
>Love you all and keeping my prayers and candles going.
>Nancy in NB
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