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Sun Aug 26 00:53:58 2001

Hi Marianne,

Yes, I am trying to follow on the message boards....having some puter problems as I have just moved the computer up into my apartment from my daughters and it is only set up temporarily (I have to buy a new desk). It just isn't working the way it should or will once it is properly setup.

I did have my follow-up on the 21st but that was preceded by another hospitalization here locally...this time for a wound infection. They kept me in the hospital until the morning of the 21st at which time we hopped in the car and drove down to Chicago. My surgeon took out the stitches...which I am sure was a big part of the had been three weeks and they were overdue to come out. I have a small portion of the incision that is open. Dr. Zachary wants me to come back in two weeks to look at it again. He feels that they may have to remove the expanders because of the infection. If this is the case, I don't know what my future will be. I don't know whether there will be any other avenues that they can pursue. If it doesn't work I don't think they would consider attempting it again as my body has always had problems with infections following surgery and rejecting foreign materials placed in it. I guess I will just have to continue placing my trust in the Lord that somehow, somewhere we will get through this.

Hope you are okay and doing as well as can be expected.

Love, Karla

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> Hi, Karla...are you still reading on the board? I
> hope you get this. I am just thinking about you and
> hoping you are feelin o.k. I know that you had a
> follow-up scheduled for the 21st and I hope all went
> o.k. You are still in my prayers.
> All my love,
> Marianne
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