Re: pain is back

From: Gloria (
Sun Aug 26 01:02:55 2001

My surgery was on July 9th. I went to Sturgis on August 6th-the pain had just started to ease up and got better by the day. By the 10th I was able to either ride on the bike or walk the crowds all day-with almost no pain. Only achyness (level 1-2 pain-no pain meds needed)-and that's to be expected with walking over half the day. I was the absolute definition of " A happy camper ". Of course it helped that I didn't do ANYTHING while I was there-no cooking, no cleaning, absolutely nothing except dress myself (LOL), my girlfriends did everything-what a treat!! After I was home for a few days ( playing catch-up at house cleaning), I took all the kids camping (only two days and one night) because I felt so good ( physically- I don't know about mentally, LOL) and it had been so long since I was able to do something fun with them. Though, now, it seems my pain is increasing daily. It does help if I'm able to lie down for a couple of hours at a time-but with the twins here and the older girls back in school that's absolutely impossible to accomplish until late afternoon. Then it's dinner time, bath time, etc. never ending...... Anyhow-my spirits are better than they were after my pain started to come back after my last surgery. I know it's because I have met people like yourself who understand and care. I can really be honest and I know others out there really do know how I feel. It just helps to vent. Wish I could write more-but have already been on here far too long.

Pain free hugs to you, Gloria :) wrote:

> Gloria,
> I'm so sorry to hear that you are in pain, hopefully you are just
> doing too
> much and if you take it easy, you'll feel better. How long ago was
> your
> surgery?\
> Love,
> Lesa

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