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Mon Aug 27 00:31:38 2001

Karla...I'm so sorry to hear that you had to go to the hospital during recupe. I hope that all does not turn out as you fear. I hope that your body will accept the expanders and you will be able to move forward. I also hope you're not carrying that computer yourself!!! Especially with an opening in your wound.

I'm always so glad to see your e-mails and I hope that you know that I'm thinking of you and wishing you wellness. Lot of love to you, Karla. <Marianne --- Karla <> wrote: > Hi Marianne,
> Yes, I am trying to follow on the message
> boards....having some puter
> problems as I have just moved the computer up into
> my apartment from my
> daughters and it is only set up temporarily (I have
> to buy a new desk). It
> just isn't working the way it should or will once it
> is properly setup.
> I did have my follow-up on the 21st but that was
> preceded by another
> hospitalization here locally...this time for a wound
> infection. They kept
> me in the hospital until the morning of the 21st at
> which time we hopped in
> the car and drove down to Chicago. My surgeon took
> out the stitches...which
> I am sure was a big part of the had
> been three weeks and they
> were overdue to come out. I have a small portion of
> the incision that is
> open. Dr. Zachary wants me to come back in two
> weeks to look at it again.
> He feels that they may have to remove the expanders
> because of the
> infection. If this is the case, I don't know what
> my future will be. I
> don't know whether there will be any other avenues
> that they can pursue. If
> it doesn't work I don't think they would consider
> attempting it again as my
> body has always had problems with infections
> following surgery and rejecting
> foreign materials placed in it. I guess I will just
> have to continue
> placing my trust in the Lord that somehow, somewhere
> we will get through
> this.
> Hope you are okay and doing as well as can be
> expected.
> Love,
> Karla

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> > Hi, Karla...are you still reading on the board? I
> > hope you get this. I am just thinking about you
> and
> > hoping you are feelin o.k. I know that you had a
> > follow-up scheduled for the 21st and I hope all
> went
> > o.k. You are still in my prayers.
> > All my love,
> > Marianne
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