Re: hi !!!!!!!!

Fri Aug 24 17:33:31 2001

I can so relate to your last posting. I would report the doctor to the AMA. After 8 years of treatment she treated you like that. What a bi--h!!!

I have those pains in my butt almost every day. I wake up with 4-5 bowel movements (so I know I dont have a blockage) and after that the nerve pain starts up and down my leg. My side, front and leg usually hurt sometimes more than others. I get really nausious too but I also have ovarian cysts that usuall appear regularly. I dont know if the intercourse make it worse of not but it helps my moods!!!

I just thought I needed to respond to this one. Their are angels out there looking out for us, just dont loose hope!

Feel better and have a GREAT weekend!!!

Cathy Kissel

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