To Chrissy-Options

Fri Aug 24 17:21:46 2001

Have you thought about working out of your home? When I am in Los Angeles (two weeks a month) I have 2 jobs that I do out of my home. I do the books for an apartment complex which is only a few hours a week and sell jewelry by commission which consists of making phone calls to see if compnays will accept samples, I box them up and make follow up calls but its straight commission. But these kind of things are usually available nowdays and it helps me to still do things that are usefull when I am dealing with my daily pains and it makes me get out of bed but I dont have to put on make up and drive and deal with people face to face when I am really not up to it.

Anyway, sorry to run on and on but its another option and those of us in daily pain have to look outside the box for alternatives. I work out of state in an office the other two weeks a month and its really really hard to get to the office and stay there without tears from just the pressure of the pain.

Feel better and have a good weekend!!!

Cathy Kissel

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