Re: High stress days (funnies)-Rose

From: Rose Lunn (
Thu Aug 23 08:37:57 2001

Hey girl,

I'm hanging in there! I'm glad you like painting....I do too, just not houses! We got our house sided....even the flashing and windows and trim.

I can agree with 'ouch'! Been doing light stretches and water fitness class....of course I pay for the water class the next day, but I do have more range of motion now. The worst thing about that class is the little old ladies that run circles around me! Geez, they have at least 20 years on me, but I'm the one moving like a little old lady, sigh.

Take care you don't do too much, kcmo rose

At Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Colette wrote: >
>Hi Rose
>That was funny! i like laughing i'v needed it lately! Last night was
>rough Ouch!! My fault though i'v been painting my house its one of those
>fixer upers and its been 5 yrs so yaa i feel use full again! Hubby's
>idea! I live on pain pills but love to paint! Hope you are doping ok!
> Big hugs
> Love ya Colette

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