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From: Robin (
Thu Aug 23 08:05:58 2001

My recovery is still going well. I am feeling better every day. I know it will still take awhile to be 100% but I already feel better than I did before & I am doing almost as much as before the surgery. I thought about moving the computer, but, I think it is better if I just get up, gives me a change. I just started sleeping in my bed again. I had been sleeping in the recliner. It was easier than laying down flat & a lot easier to get up from. Dan has been taking good care of me. It has been nice having him home this week. Thanks for the email & well wishes. Robin At Wed, 22 Aug 2001, wrote: >
>Dear Robin:
>So glad you are doing so well. I know that recuperation time was difficult.
>I had my kids move my computer into the bedroom so I could lay on my waterbed
>and read and type to the board to keep myself occupied and instant messaged
>an adhesion buddy that had surgery the same day as I did, so we had lots to
>talk about; i.e., are you in pain, where's your pain, are they back, did they
>leave at all? Well, you know all those thoughts that run through your mind.
>Having the computer in a really comfy place really helped and it was so comfy
>that the computer is still by my bedside. Luckily, I have another computer
>for the kids as everyone trying to get on the computer lying on the waterbed
>doesn't get it, but it certainly works for me.!!!!!
>Love to you,
>Helen C.

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