Re: Recovery

Wed Aug 22 16:18:06 2001

Dear Robin:

So glad you are doing so well. I know that recuperation time was difficult. I had my kids move my computer into the bedroom so I could lay on my waterbed and read and type to the board to keep myself occupied and instant messaged an adhesion buddy that had surgery the same day as I did, so we had lots to talk about; i.e., are you in pain, where's your pain, are they back, did they leave at all? Well, you know all those thoughts that run through your mind. Having the computer in a really comfy place really helped and it was so comfy that the computer is still by my bedside. Luckily, I have another computer for the kids as everyone trying to get on the computer lying on the waterbed doesn't get it, but it certainly works for me.!!!!!

Love to you,

Helen C.

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