Re: Adhesion Symptoms

From: Marianne Bolding (
Thu Aug 23 01:40:52 2001

If you have insurance, I would start with a GI to rule out hiatal hernia, gallbladder probs, or other gastroinal issues. If they come back with nothing then you could consider that you might have adhesions from your imbylical hernia surgery...which could only be diagnosed through an exploratory laparoscopy...which could cause more adhesions. And there are very few surgeons in the U.S. who are specialized in the removal of adhesions. Most people opt to deal with adhesions till the pain either warrants the need for pain meds or they opt for surgery. How severe adhesions pain is depends on the locale and the organs involved. Some people can have them and not feel alot of pain. Mine involved my bowels and the ovary...and many problems and high pain. I hope your pains do not worsen and you will feel better soon. Wishing you the best. --- Starwing <> wrote: > Hello Everyone,
> I am new here and was wondering if you guys would
> describe what you
> symptoms were when you first felt you had adhesions.
> I'm looking for
> what you feel and if certain things affect it more
> than others. I have
> some pain near my bellybutton, a dull ache but it is
> there all the time.
> There is no pulling, it is more of a feeling when
> you have not eaten for
> a long long time. I had an imbilical hernial
> repaired in Feb, so I'm
> wondering if it could be from that. However, the
> ache does seem to move
> sometimes up to my chest and above the bellybutton
> at times, but never
> goes away. Its as if someone is holding their first
> on top of my
> stomach. Any suggestions?
> Thanks everyone for all your replies.


Marianne Bolding
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