Adhesion Symptoms

From: Starwing (
Wed Aug 22 09:38:41 2001

Hello Everyone,

I am new here and was wondering if you guys would describe what you symptoms were when you first felt you had adhesions. I'm looking for what you feel and if certain things affect it more than others. I have some pain near my bellybutton, a dull ache but it is there all the time. There is no pulling, it is more of a feeling when you have not eaten for a long long time. I had an imbilical hernial repaired in Feb, so I'm wondering if it could be from that. However, the ache does seem to move sometimes up to my chest and above the bellybutton at times, but never goes away. Its as if someone is holding their first on top of my stomach. Any suggestions?

Thanks everyone for all your replies.

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