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Hello Ms. Lillian, I just had that barium test done on August 6th. When I got there I was taken to an x-ray room. I had to take a gas pill and was told not to burp (and you want to real bad)'s a gas for the x-rays. If you burp, you have to take another one, as I did. Then you drink the barium. Mine was strawberry flavored. It's thick and gooey...An extra thick pepto bismol taste. I had to drink a cup (it feels you up quickly)-(and you cannot drink or eat after midnight the night before the test). Then they assist you in various postions and do a few x-rays...then they tell you to take a mouthful of barrium and not swallow it till they say. They tell you, and you do it so the can x-ray it at the same time (to check to see how it flows through the system). My radiologist couldn't get the x-rays right a few times, so, I had to do the swallow test at least 5 times. After the appt. I went and bought gatorade. You need to drink alot of water that day or you will be completely constipated...that stuff is hard to pass. I had diarrhea (white) the next day, and was constipated the day after that...then it got better. The white bowel movements take a couple days, to get the white barium out of the system. They found a hiatal hernia with my test. Acid spills out of the sphincter. I hope your test goes well. Don't worry it's not too bad. Love, --- wrote: > Hello,
> This Is Lillian. I need info on a baroium swallow
> test if anyone has had one
> .Could you share your experience with me? You can
> Email me personally
> Thanks,


Marianne Bolding
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