From: Robin (
Mon Aug 20 08:16:10 2001

Dear All Thanks for the emails! Recovery is going well. It is boaring, boaring, boarding!!! I go on Tues. to get the staples out. The surgeon used 2 packages of seprafilm on me! I did have some new adhesions since Germany, but the Dr said he thought the surgeries in Germany did a lot of good for me. I had adhesions on my bladder & my intestines. I sent an email to Dr Korell & he was happy to hear things were going well for me, What a MAN, SURGEON, PERSON!! I am off the MS Cotin & am controling my surgical pain with vicodin. I know the pain I have now will go away. I just hope that the pain will not return. I haven't really kept up with what is going on with everyone on the board, but, I hope everyone is fine, & soon, I will feel up to sitting here & reading everything. For now, I feel up to posting how I am doing. Dan is taking the week off to help me. He is such a good man, I am not sure what I did to deserve him, but, I got him & am not letting him go!! love to all robin

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